ivar veermae vabaduse mägi
mountain of liberty ivar veermae
mountain of liberty internet art project
mountain of liberty vabaduse mägi
ivar veermae internet art project
mountain of liberty project
vabaduse mägi in moscow
mountain of liberty in mountain view
mountain of liberty mars
ivar veermae mountain of liberty in mars

"Vabaduse Mägi/Mountain of Liberty"


web project , 2011


“Vabaduse mägi” (“Mountain of Liberty”) was continuous and open experiment in internet which dealed with notions of nationality, visibility and freedom. By inserting virtually relatively absurd object into important public spaces I want to bring out the possibilities of using the existing environments (i.e. Google Earth) a bit differently.
According to study “Freedom on the net” from Freedom House Estonia holds the first place in 37 country list. With the experiment I try to find out what could this freedom contain.
The mountain is covered by estonian and its neighbouring countries pre-national and also newer patterns. The older patterns origin from non-national and non-historical past. Nationality needs always its constructions and now these patterns are used to strenghten national identity.

With this work im referring also to expansionistic background of national cultures. I am using my freedom in net to virtually conquer the other countries significant public spaces.