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It / The Future is Bright II at KUMU - Estonian Art Museum

It / The Future is Bright Iat Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn

It / The Future is Bright


installation with audio, 2012


It / The Future is Bright II : Wood, PVC-tube, plastic, mattresses. 5 x 5 x 3 m

It / The Future is Bright I: Wood, plastic, mattresses. 3 x 4 x 3 m


In "It / The Future is Bright II" I use the geodesic dome structure developed by Buckminster Fuller, and connect it to advertising texts for new technology. Fuller’s goal as a futurist was to create mobile spaces that would help people avoid the lifelong loan burden that accompanies the purchase of a house. The global occupation of public space shows that his ideas are very topical at the moment. The shape of a typical dome tent is also based to a great extent on the shape of a geodesic dome.

By connecting the dome structure to advertising texts for new technology, a certain shift occurs. New technology also promises a better future, but knowingly stresses the individuality that the possession of the advertised objects provides.

In addition, the spread of new technology is often given as a reason for popular movements, such as Occupy and the revolutions in northern Africa. Considering aspects of coordination, this may be true. However, in the case of the wave of liberation, there may be a danger that the technology will itself become an occupying element and influence the behaviour.


The following participated in the creation of the object: Art Allmägi, Jaan Kirsch, Lauri Liinev, Stella Salumaa, Kalev Tamm, Kadri Veermäe, Tiit Veermäe and Eleriin Velling.